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BEAT is an Enterprise Resource Planning system that provides an all-inclusive solution to your organisation’s process and communication needs. It includes a powerful CRM, task manager, workflow and automation, comprehensive event and ticketing platform, peer to peer fundraising, donor management, accounting integrations, secure file sharing, reporting and so much more...all with the aim of keeping you connected to the people and organisations that matter to your success.

We are more than just a CRM - we go beyond sales and look at the systems and processes that underpin your business, and streamline systems so you can focus on what you do best..

How our ERP/CRM customisation works

Most of the time, setting up an ERP or CRM system looks like this: you receive a blank slate program as a foundation, you stumble through learning how it works, and then you figure out a way to fit your organisation’s operational processes within the available functionalities.

BEAT turns this process on its head.

Designed as an incredibly agile and flexible system, it’s easy for our team to create a tailored solution tuned to your specific needs. After sitting with you and mapping out your workflow, as well as gaining a better understanding of what you need out of a CRM database or ERP system, we deliver you a system so custom-built, using it will feel like second nature.

And with the many benefits the right ERP can bring to your organisation, you’ll quickly find this personalisation makes all the difference.

BEAT helps you make the good work you’re already doing even better.

Discover more about our ERP software and how it can take your non-profit organisation to the next level.
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